Useful XAML snippets for XF develpment [Part 2]

👋 Xamarin Devs !

I introduced you in the previous article , how to setup, use , and make C# Snippets

Now , it’s time to see Xaml snippets ! Trust me , these will help you save lot of time ⌚


Grid is a common Layout. I guess it my most used Layout 😎 So to reduce coding time , let’s have fun with snippet.

<Grid RowDefinitions="*,*" ColumnDefinitions="*,*" >
Expansion usage :
SurrondingWith (CTRL K + CTRL S ) usage :


Same thing with StackLayout. Expansion usage is not really usefull , but SurrondingWith is priceless , use it 🥺


SurrondingWith usage :

3.Sharpnado.Shadows 🐱‍👤 .

You know how much I’m in love with Sharpnado.Shadows 🥰
Pick a view , surround it with Shadows et voilà !

   <sh:Shadows CornerRadius="10">
            <sh:Shade BlurRadius="10"
                      Color="#FE99FE" />
            <sh:Shade BlurRadius="10"
                      Color="#00B0FB" />

SurrondingWith usage :


Want to customize your controls ? Dont want to waste your time with Style in app.xaml ?
Use jptsyle 😏

And it’s done !

I hope all of those snippets could help you , you can download and install them from here

October is starting ! It’s time for October UI challenge. ( One Design / One Week / One Challenge 💪)

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