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Hello everyone! Here in France, the context is quite particular at the moment. A new lockdown has started.

So I’m teleworking full time (and I’m one of the people who greatly appreciate working from home). Without the time spent in public transportation, I find myself with a little more time to develop this blog.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to what Microsoft Learn has to offer regarding Xamarin.Forms training.

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a free online training platform that offers interactive courses on Microsoft products, etc. Its goal is to help you master technologies and learn more through interactive content that is fun, guided, practical and adapted to your role and objectives.

Learning Path

Learning paths are sets of modules organized around specific roles (such as developer, architect or system administrator) or technologies (such as Azure Web Apps, Power BI or Xamarin.Forms).

When you have completed a learning path, you have gained a new understanding of the different aspects of the technology or role you are studying. You also receive a trophy ! 🏆

X.F Beginner’s Learning Path 🐣

If you are new to mobile development using .NET, start your adventure with this introduction :

Build mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms

This course is composed of 10 modules ranging from the creation of a project, to the development of an interface (xaml + styles), through the connection of your application to a webservice or a local backup system.

Below are the important modules of this course.

Module: Creating your first Xamarin.Forms app

This is where it all starts.

Create a mobile app with Xamarin.Forms

Module: Creating your first Xamarin.Forms app

In this module, you will learn about the interface creation language: XAML.

Create a UI in Xamarin.Forms apps by using XAML

Module: Data Consumption & Storage

Basic” pattern for webservice consumption and local data storage.
( look for RestSharp / MonkeyCache to go further etc… )

Consume REST web services in Xamarin apps

Store local data with SQLite in a Xamarin.Forms app

X.F Advanced Learning Path 💪

To go further, here is the second learning path

Customize and add advanced features to Xamarin.Forms apps

Module : Effects & Custom Renderers

When the customization of the controls requires to have specificities by platform, it is the use of the Effects/Custom Renderers that you will find in these modules.

Use effects in Xamarin.Forms

Create custom controls with Xamarin.Forms renderers


There’s no good or bad time to get started , so try it !
XF Community is great and caring !

You are welcome !

Don’t miss the .NET Learn Challenge , that’s a really usefull event to start 🙂
More infos here

Thank you for reading me, see you soon! 👋

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