Introducing Visual Studio 2022

In this post you will find some new features of vs 2022

  • Colored Tabs
  • New Icons
  • New Font : Cascadia
  • 64Bits client
  • Hot Reload

Colored Tabs

Color-coded tabs help you organize files visually by providing an extra visual clue, which is especially useful for files that share the same name, e.g. program.cs while working with multiple projects.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 4 is now available! - Visual Studio Blog

Faster Search in file

A .gif is better than a lot of text 😏

New Icons

The new icons are meant to be easier to understand, making Visual Studio more accessible.

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2 is now available with new icons and features

New Font

In Visual Studio 2022 , the new Cascadia Mono is added as a default font. Cascadia is a new, modern, monospaced font family that provides better flexibility for command-line applications and text editor experiences.

Cascadia Code is also included in 2022 as an option for developers who use programming “ligatures” – glyphs automatically created by combining characters that many developers find more readable. ( i don’t 🙄)

64 Bits client

First thing to say : no more out-of-memory exceptions !! 🎉

To demonstrate the real-world effect of VS being a 64-bit application, MS pointed to a GIF video showing the IDE open up a solution with some 1,600 projects and about 300,000 files

Hot Reload for mostly everyone

Another big new feature in Visual Studio 2022 is support for Hot Reload mostly every apps. Hot Reload lets developers make changes to an app’s code while it’s running, and apply them without closing the app. While it depends on the changes you make, you may even be able to apply them without pausing the app at all.

Highlights of what is supported:

  • .NET MAUI apps (iOS, Android and WinUI), including both regular .NET MAUI and .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid apps
  • Blazor apps (Server and WebAssembly*)
  • Razor file editing in both Blazor and regular ASP.NET Core websites
  • CSS Hot Reload
  • Ability to get Hot Reload support when running apps without the debugger (as described above in more detail)

That’s a lot for now , but that’s not all ! There are a lot of other bigger or smaller new features in VS 2022 ( and i didnt speak about .net 6 & c# 10 new features !!! 😀 )

You know what to do know , download VS 2022 and have fun developping !

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